What It Is.

Brews and Brands is a monthly meeting of like-minded marketing and sales professionals.  Hosted in the meeting space at Against the Grain, it’s a relaxed setting for the free exchange of marketing ideas, challenges and more, all over a refreshing beverage or three.  Each session will be loosely facilitated around a particular “topic of the month,” but we’ll go wherever the conversation takes us.

What It Isn’t.

Brews and Brands is not a networking group.  Rather, it’s a small, informal gathering of marketing folks who like to learn, grow, absorb, create, rethink and reimagine.  The goal is to leave each month refreshed (by both the craft goodness brewed by Against the Grain and the company) and inspired.  That’s it.  Will you make some new friends?  Sure.  But the free exchange of ideas is the primary goal.

Who Can Come?

The objective is to limit each monthly group to 15 or 20 people at most — enough to bring diverse points of view and different levels of expertise and experience, but not so many that it loses that small group vibe that keeps conversation flowing. We may tinker with that number over time until we settle on what seems to work best. Initially, only one person from a specific niche can attend — for example, only one hospital marketing professional or one bank marketer. (This is to ensure that no one has a direct competitor in the room, so everyone feels more comfortable discussing dilemmas, strategies or ideas.) If you can’t make it one month, we ask that you let us know. The plan is to create a “waiting list,” so that those who would like to take part can do so if one of the “regulars” is leaving a seat vacant that month.

Brews and Brands Craft Beer

The Details

2021 Dates & Locations Coming Soon

Check back soon for 2021 dates and locations.

January 16
February 13
March 12
April 16 (Virtual)
May 14 (Virtual)
June 11 (Virtual)
July 9
August 13
September 10
October 15
November 12
December 10

When: 3:30pm – 5:30pm
Against the Grain, 401 East Main Street
Louisville, KY 40202
Who: Anyone in marketing and/or sales
Cost: Your own drinks and tips

Can’t make it this month? Choose a different date here.

Expectations? There are three.

First, we ask that you repay our host’s hospitality by partaking of their fine craft beers or other beverages.

Second, we ask that you try to make it every month. The group will flourish more fully if we have consistent participation from people who have the chance to get to know one another. If you cannot make a month, we ask that you email us from this website soon enough that we can let someone else enjoy the seat that month.

Third, we ask that you participate in the conversation, and that you do so in a friendly and respectful fashion. There’s nothing worse than a group where one person tries to dominate the discussion or dismisses another’s ideas.

How to Join.

There’s no charge for Brews and Brands, but we do ask that you register in advance.

Have questions? Send an email to info@brewsandbrands.com with your question and your contact information. We’ll get right back to you.

What Else?

Share thoughts and ideas from the sessions you attend on your social media. If you know a marketing person who might be a good fit, pass our info along and invite them.